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Admiral is a UK-based insurance firm that was established in 1993 and is specializing in car insurance. The company introduced the first Multi Car Insurance cover in 2005, this allows to two or more people to cover their autos on one policy and get a discount on the total price. In 2013, they introduced the Black Box Insurance product that is called “Little Box”, this helps safe drivers to avail discounts based on their driving style.

Admiral Contact Number

Car Insurance

Their car insurance price starts from £160. The 10% of their customers paid £160 or less between April 1st 2015 and September 30th 2015. Covering your auto has never been fast and easy and the kinds of insurance available have never been this good.

Multi Car Insurance

Insurer could save more than £200. The 10% of people between Apr 2015 and Sep 2015 with 2 cars and 2 drivers, who gave a best substitute value saved £204.

Black Box Insurance

This insurance could save you £360 with LittleBox. Between 1st July 2014 and 30th June 2015, 1 in 10 clienteles who offered a best substitute price saved £360.13. An eligibility criterion applies, though.

Home Insurance

For the home insurance, the price starts from £97. 10% of Buildings and Contents clients from January to July 2015 paid less than £97. Organizing home insurance need not be hard because they make it as easy and convenient as possible.

Three Types of Home Insurance

Not all of us needs buildings and contents insurance together, that is why they provide flexible options and best value around their Home Insurance products.

Home Insurance

They have combined insurance from £97. The 10% of Buildings and Contents customers from January to July 2015 paid less than £97.

Buildings Insurance

The coverage insurance cost starts from £76.The 10% of clienteles purchasing their Buildings Insurance from January to July 2015 paid less than £76.

Contents Insurance

You can insure your content from £46. The 10% of clienteles purchasing their Contents Insurance from January to July 2015 paid less than £46.

Flexible Home Insurance

You can select from the three levels of insurance, each with wide selection of different features that you customize according to your needs. You can choose the most fitting insurance for your requirement online or by calling the Admiral insurance phone number to talk one of their representatives.

    • Their great value Home Insurance deal insures the essentials.
    • Their famous Gold Home Insurance offers the value of insurance with add-on extras.
    • Their full featured Platinum home insurance is for people who want extra security, confidence and peace of mind.


Common Admiral Insurance Questions

Why you should choose Admiral Home Insurance?

If something happens to you, they are a call away at any time of the day or night.

You can just pay a little as £97 if you home is covered with the company.

Flexible cover – 3 levels of cover to choose from

You can customize your insurance according to your requirements.
The company can cover the structure of your home such as permanent fixtures and fittings. This is just one of the many benefits that you can avail from them, and no what level of insurance you get, eligibility criteria may apply.

Making a Claim

If you want to talk about an incident or you want to make a claim, you can call them and they can help you through the process.

Can I get immediate cover with Admiral insurance for my vehicle?

Yes, you can get an insurance policy that will take effect the same day that you purchase it. To do this you need to first obtain a quote for your car insurance, either multicar or single car. Once you’ve completed the purchasing process than your insurance policy will begin to cover you straight away. Call the Admiral phone number above to begin this process.

What payment methods are there for Admiral insurance?

There are a number of ways that you can pay for your insurance with Admiral car insurance. These include payment cards like Visa, American Express, Electron, Delta, Solo, and a number of others.

If however you do not want to use a payment card, or you do not have a payment card to use then you can also pay by Direct Debit. Direct Debit is a convenient and guaranteed way for the payment to come out of your bank account on a specified date every month. Call Admiral Insurance to setup direct debit.

What type of insurance cover is available?

There are three different types of insurance that you may wish to purchase for your vehicle with Admiral insurance. The first and most comprehensive is called comprehensive cover. This includes cover for your car being stolen (theft), damage that you cause by accident to property that isn’t yours or to other people, and any other damage to your vehicle, like vandalism.

The second variety of car insurance offered is ‘Third Party Fire and Theft’. As the name suggests, this covers you only in the event of your car being on fire, stolen, and any damage that is caused by you to other people or other people’s belongings or vehicle.

The final variety of insurance offered is considered to be the least comprehensive and offers the lowest level of coverage, and is called ‘Third Party Only’ coverage. This means that your vehicle will not be covered in the event of any accident or damage, but the other person, if there is another person involved, will be covered.

You may wish to consider which insurance package and level of risk you are comfortable with before proceeding with purchasing car insurance cover with Admiral. Contact Admiral insurance helpline to discuss your options.

How does a ‘no claims bonus’ work?

When you drive a car for a set period of time, normally measured in years, and do not have any accidents or claims on your insurance policy, you earn what is called a ‘no claims bonus’. This incentivises people to drive safely and rewards careful drivers.

Every year that you go without claiming your bonus will continue to increase and this comes in the form of a discount on your insurance premium. If you switch to Admiral from a different insurer, you may need to provide evidence of your no claims bonus in the form of a certificate that you should be issued by your existing or old insurer.

It’s worth remembering that the maximum no claims bonus is up to 15 years, and after this point the bonus will not continue to increase in value. Call the Admiral Car Insurance contact number to learn more about this program.

What is an ‘excess’ on my policy?

Excess is the term for an additional fee that the insured person has to pay whenever they make a claim. How much your excess is with Admiral will depend on a number of different factors including the type of vehicle you drive, the driver and their experience, the driver’s age, and if you have a No Claims bonus in place.

The excess aims to help reduce the burden of the cost for the insurer. You can find out your excess by inspecting your existing policy with Admiral or call the Admiral Car Insurance number if you don’t have access to it or have misplaced your paperwork. Call the Admiral Car Insurance number

I drove abroad, will Admiral accept my no claims bonus?

If you drove in the European Union for a number of years and accumulated a no claims bonus then don’t worry, you may be able to retain it when you take out a policy with Admiral insurance. You will need a written statement or certificate from your previous insurer confirming this though.

It’s also important to note that if you drove in a country outside of the EU then your no claims bonus will not be applicable in the United Kingdom. Contact the Admiral Car Insurance phone number on this page to discuss your situation.

Why does Admiral want to know what I use my car for?

Admiral offers five different types of usage for cars, and the activities that you use your vehicle for affect your policy. This is because different types of activity can be associated with different levels of risk. It also depends how often you use your car.

For example, one of Admiral’s classifications, ‘social only’ covers only using your vehicle for social occasions and to travel for fun, so it does not include if you drive your vehicle to work or for professional purposes. If you use your car to commute and for social activities then you can report your usage in the category that covers this.

If you have more questions about the types of activities you can engage in or want to report a change in the use of your vehicle then you may wish to talk to them directly by calling the Admiral number above to find the most relevant and practical information for your policy.

My car has some modifications, can I still get coverage?

Many people wish to modify their car in some way, including things like cosmetic spoilers or skirting, alloy wheels, or advanced electronics such as personal televisions and high-end sound systems.

While this can increase the value of your vehicle and adds a unique touch to your vehicles performance or comfort, it can also affect your insurance and in extreme cases even make you ineligible for some insurance. To find out whether your modifications are covered and whether you are able to get a policy with Admiral you may need to contact them to find out. Call the Admiral insurance contact number to discuss your vehicle with an agent.