Interact Team

Please note: The team below is the former team of the Interact-uk website. The new team page is currently being created.

We owe a lot of our achievements to the devoted work of both our staff and our volunteers. With their help, we find ourselves one step closer to our goal of building a cohesive society, which stimulates dialogue and celebrates diversity.

Amber Poppelaars, Project Manager


I wanted to work for Interact because I was looking for an organisation whose goals I support and where I felt I could make a difference. I enjoy working for Interact because it is such a hard working and devoted organisation where every employee and intern is valued.



Genevieve Schwartz, Project Coordinator (Arts and Media)

I wanted to work with Interact because I believe that the work they do is incredibly valuable, and unlike many organisations they give interns the freedom and flexibility to tailor their projects to their own interests! I am really enjoying my time here and have already learnt a lot. I know that the skills I have picked up at Interact will help me greatly in the future as I develop my career further. I plan to stay in touch with Interact throughout my life and hope to stay involved in many of their future projects.


Helene Mathelemuse, Project Coordinator Intern

Interact is an inspiring non profit organisation that does such great things for communities throughout Britain and Europe. I joined Interact as a project coordinator intern for the Magazine for Europe, London July film project and Faith in First Aid. I am excited to learn new skills and help to bring their valuable message across. Being an intern here gives one the chance to take on responsibility and find the confidence to create and contribute with own ideas.


Supporters, Previous Interns and All-Round Brilliant People

Richard Willson, Project Manager

I oversee the interfaith projects that Interact runs throughout London, the UK and EU. Having studied as a musician and with a Masters in Middle Eastern Politics from Durham University, I am passionate about using cultural projects to stop conflict and build understanding between different cultures and faiths. So much of our understanding of the world is built on interaction, and through different faiths and communities working together, we can humanise contentious problems and creating lasting change on a local and international level.

Rebecca Sear, JLGB Volunteering and Citizenship Manager


I first started to work with Interact when I was a Project Intern for them last year. I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in various projects, from helping to plan their Eco Act and Shared Roots Projects, to being involved in Interaction Days and Magazine designing and was able to broaden my skill set in an interfaith setting. I am in my current position with JLGB as a direct result of interning and volunteering for Interact, and I continue to volunteer with them when I can because it’s a great way to continue my passion for interfaith social action and engagement.


Alexandra Branzan: Digital Content Manager, 2012


As a Romanian student in London, I wanted to learn as much as possible about its diverse cultural landscape. Joining Interact was a good opportunity to meet inspiring people from different faith backgrounds and develop my intercultural communication skills, while doing something I’m really passionate about: managing the online presence of the organization. The team is young, driven and really supportive and being part of it was an incredible experience.



Alexandra Harvey, Project Coordinator, 2012


I chose to join the team at Interact as its core beliefs of respect and diversity reflect my own. I have always been interested in the not for profit sector and interfaith and intercultural action is something I believe strongly in. I have really enjoyed working for this organisation and it has been a great experience. It is a wonderful team to be a part of and I have learnt so much about the not for profit sector. I love being able to do something that I know is making a difference!



Sophie Bradfield, Project Coordinator, 2012


I was determined to join Interact because, while citizenship has been an area that I’ve participated in from a young age, I have never before had the opportunity to work on a multifaith level. Celebrating diversity is an important part of our society and I wanted to be more instrumental in it. What I really like about Interact is everyone’s enthusiasm for the work they do.



Sadie Chana, Magazine Coordinator, 2012


I was interested in joining Interact from having an academic interest in interfaith in relation to multiculturalism and extremism. This stems from the research I took as part of my Politics degree and the University of Nottingham. My role here involves finding volunteers to contribute towards Interact’s interfaith magazine.