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Vodafone offers contract “Pay Monthly” bundles or simply Pay Monthly (SIM only) bundles if you’re happy with your current handset.

With Pay as You Go, you can also have freebies by the way of text, call or data bundles. So this service isn’t only exclusive to Vodafone’s contract customers.

With Pay Monthly from Vodafone You can choose from a massive 75 plans, making it possible to tailor your mobile bundle to suit your needs and your budget. Go directly to the Vodafone website to check these offers out and see the new range of phones that are available. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, call customer service and ask about new phone releases heading your way – this way you can be sure to stay ahead of the technology curve!

Take advantage of the SIM only offer from Vodafone – this is like the “Pay Monthly” offer minus the phone. So if you’re happy with your current handset and would like to still like to benefit from the extensive offers of data, calls and texts, then this offer from Vodafone could be for you.

You can check the mobile network coverage in any area in the United Kingdom, by going to the Vodafone website and clicking on the coverage checker in the top right corner. Enter the address of the place you wish to check and Vodafone will let you know what the quality of coverage is for that particular place.

Frequently asked questions for callers of the Vodafone contact phone number

I have details on my bill that I don’t understand?

Here is the explanation of the different parts of your bill:

Billed usage – Your monthly total and any extra charges you have incurred

CR – Credit on your account

Inclusive allowance – The free texts, calls and data as part of your bundle deal

CFU – Call Forward Unconditional – divert to voice mail is free, to other phones could incur a fee

Payment Administration Charges – A small charge to cover the cost of processing your payment. You can avoid this by switching to Direct Debit

Unbilled Usage – Any activity that hasn’t been charged yet, will be on the next bill

How much will it cost me to use my phone abroad?

Because different countries have different rates, it will depend on where you are visiting. The best option is to call the Vodafone customer service centre where a fully trained service staff representative will be able to give you the exact details you’re after.

Do I need to do anything to my phone in order for it to work from another country?

There are no default bars in place to prevent you from making calls, texts or using data where available. However, you can put these bars in place, should you wish to prevent phone services. Go to the “Roaming bar” option from your “My Vodafone” account.

I can’t receive or send videos and picture messages, help?

The settings on your phone may be incorrect. To adjust these settings check the troubleshooter for picture messages from the Vodafone website.

If this still doesn’t work, there are two further actions you can take:

  •  In your phone settings, go to your device and choose “Send settings by text”
  • Get in touch to ensure picture messaging is enabled on your phone

I’ve upgraded my phone and it has arrived, what do I do now?

Simply put the old SIM into your new phone. If it’s a different size to what you need, then you’ll need to contact customer service so you can be sent a new card that fits.

If you received a new SIM, you’ll need to activate it.

Have a look at the online guides on how to get your information from the old phone to the new one.

If you need any help with your new phone, Vodafone has the device guides for all of it’s mobile devices – available from the Vodafone website.