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Pro Tips to Know When Calling the Sky Customer Service Number

Sky is one of the best providers of home television in the world, not just the UK. Signing up is commonplace in so many homes because of the value that they offer. Many channels, including movie and sport channels are exclusive to Sky and the only way to watch certain content. They have expanded across platforms, and have content on mobile phones, television, and tablets, so you can catch up on TV shows on your iPad, a service not offered by many other providers.

Another reason people join Sky is that often you get access to preferential deals, when you can get Sky TV, broadband, and phone calls in your home for a single price, potentially saving you time and money.

In recent years, you’ll be pleased to know that Sky has a few more high-technology additions to their packages, including fibre-optic internet connections with very high speeds, and mobile phone tariffs offering the latest in new handsets. Sky also recently released the newest generation of their hardware, the Sky Q box, which records content in Ultra HD. One reason that so many people tend to use Sky is this innovative hardware and some of the best quality recording for content, be it movies, sports, or regular television programmes.

For help with customer service contact Sky. They are well known for operating an effective, efficient, and friendly customer care line with great opening hours. They can give you the advice you need and help guide you on what package suits your budget.

You can also contact Sky if you’re an existing customer, meaning that you can receive support on issues to do with billing, upgrading or changing your existing services, or finding out about when your current contractual agreement with Sky finishes. One of the best ways to do this is through the Sky number. Just ensure that when you call you have all the information to do with your account on hand, as this can speed up your call greatly.

If you’re going to call the Sky contact number to order a package, do your research first and make some notes about exactly what you’re looking for, then you can make the most out of your time with the customer service agent on the phone.

Answers to Common Sky Support Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we have found answers to when searching the internet. We want to be a helpful resource to help you find a solution fast. We are in no way affiliated or represent Sky. The information that appears on this website has been sourced publicly and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content as it may have changed or been updated.

What is a Sky ID and how can I get one?

A Sky ID is a username and password used to access online services associated with your Sky account. The Sky ID can be used to manage a number of different services, including Sky apps, Sky Go, Sky Store and My Sky.

To register for a Sky ID, you must already be a Sky customer. There are two primary ways to get a Sky ID once you are a customer; follow the link on your confirmation email or go to the Sky website and click ‘sign in’. After entering a username and/or email address and password, you may need to confirm your email address by signing into your account and clicking the link sent. It’s possible you may also have to provide other information, such as your Sky account number, bank account details or viewing card number.

Once you have followed all the online instructions, you should receive an email with your new Sky ID. When you have your Sky ID password, you can sign in on the Sky website and manage your account.

What should I do if I forget my Sky ID username or password?

If you have forgotten your Sky ID username, keep in mind that it could be the email address that you signed up with. If your username is not your email address and you can’t remember what it is, go to the Sky website log in page to retrieve it. Click the ‘forgotten username’ link and follow the instructions to get a reminder of your username. Please note, you may need access to the email address account that you signed up to Sky with to retrieve your username.

If you have forgotten your Sky ID password, go to the Sky login page and click the ‘forgotten password’ link. Follow the instructions on the following page to get a reminder of your password or to reset the password completely. Again, you may need access to your registered email account to receive your password information.

Tip: If you use your online Sky account on private, password-protected device, consider ticking the ‘Keep Me Signed In’ checkbox so that you don’t have to type in your details each time you log in.

What can Sky customers use the ‘My Sky’ app for?

Sky customers can use the ‘My Sky’ app to manage their Sky account, as well as the services they have purchased. The application can be downloaded on to a number of mobile devices so that customers can manage their account on the go. The My Sky app allows you to edit the settings, details and payment methods for all of your Sky services, such as television, broadband, landline and mobile.

I want to change my Sky payment settings – how can I do this?

Two of the easiest ways to change your Sky payment details are by signing in to your online account or via the My Sky app. After logging in to either of these accounts, choose the Sky service you would like to edit the payment details of and make your changes. You should be able to manage your payment methods and dates. Remember, changing the date of your bill payment may affect the overall price of your next bill. There may also be a limit to how many times you can change your payment details per month, so make sure you are happy with the changes before you confirm them.

If you are a Sky TV customer, you may also be able to change payment details through your Sky television. Make sure you have your Sky TV remote and PIN code if you would like to change payments using this method.

If you would prefer to get support from Sky staff member, you may also be able to change your payment details over the by calling the Sky contact telephone number.

What should I do if there is a problem with my Sky broadband service?

You should head Sky’s ‘Broadband Diagnostic Tool’ on their website. You then need to fill in the online form with as much information about the broadband issue you are having. Once you have answered the questions, read through the list of suggestions of what to do next. If none of the suggested solutions are successful, then call Sky customer services number to report the problem.

What voicemail features can I get with Sky and how can I use them?

If you have Sky Talk Voicemail Plus or Sky Talk Voicemail, you should be able to receive Voicemail messages as well as manage your voicemail inbox. For customers who purchased one of these services at the same time that they initially signed up for Sky Talk, the service should have been automatically activated. Customers who signed up for a Sky voicemail service after registering for Sky Talk may need to contact Sky directly to activate the service.

To access your Sky Talk Voicemail box, dial the voicemail number provided by Sky. You should hear an automated voice that should inform you whether you have any voice messages and what buttons to press to listen, save of delete messages.

Don’t forget, you may be charged for using voicemail services.

How can I speed up my broadband connection?

If you and your neighbour both use the Sky Broadband service, there may be a clash of channels, causing one or both of your connections to become very much slower.

You can fix this by changing the channel yourself. See below for instructions:

Windows 8 (10)

  • Click the search icon on the top right of your screen
  • Type in “command prompt” or “cmd”
  • Type “netsh wlan show networks bssid” and hit enter
  • Take the number of the channel 1 – 13 furtherest from the ones in use
  • Open your browser
  • Type “192.0168.0.1” hit enter
  • Go to the “Wireless Settings” page
  • Login in with Username: admin Password: sky
  • Open the “channel” drop down menu and select the number you took note of earlier
  • Apply, save

Apple OS X

  • Click on the Apple logo
  • Click “About this Mac”
  • Click “System Report”
  • Under the “Network” tab, click “WiFi”
  • Take the number of the channel 1 – 13 furtherest from the ones in use
  • Open your browser
  • Type “192.0168.0.1” hit enter
  • Go to the “Wireless Settings” page
  • Login in with Username: admin Password: sky
  • Open the “channel” drop down menu and select the number you took note of earlier
  • Apply, save

What if I get error messages on Sky TV?

There are three main types of errors possible with Sky TV. The first is a blue screen that tells you your Sky + HD Box isn’t getting signal. This is an issue with cables, your satellite dish or the connections to your Sky box. To fix this, check all your connections are inserted correctly and check your dish hasn’t been damaged at all.

The second problem is a black screen that says “NO SIGNAL” – this is because of a connection problem between your Sky box and your TV. Again, check these cables and insert properly if needed.

The third is the most popular – the scrambled picture. Because satellite is transmitted in open air, unfortunately your signal strength is subject to adverse weather conditions. This one you will have to wait out, but it shouldn’t be too long – most weather is handled smoothly. Call the Sky phone number above if you need further assistance.

What is Sky Go?

Sky Go is a streaming Sky service available on your devices, so you can keep current with your TV programming, wherever you are in the world. You can have this service on up to two compatible devices. Computer, laptop, Playstation, Xbox, tablet or mobile.

Simply register your device with and follow the easy-to-understand instructions on how to install. Not only can you watch TV, but Sky Go now also includes the popular Sky on demand service.

How much will Sky Go cost me?

Sky Go is free to Sky TV customers, but if you want to connect more than two devices, opt for Sky Go Extra and add another two devices. If you still have questions, the customer services team at the Sky telephone number listed above will be able to assist you.

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