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O2 started in the home broadband market in 2007 and a year after; it introduced its mobile broadband service.

In 2006, O2, or Telefonica Europe was formed when the British company united with the Telefónica, a Spanish telecommunications giant. However, the mobile company history spans much further back than this. It was firstly recognized as BT Wireless and later on as BT Cellnet, as the BT’s first mobile network provision service.

However, in 2001 a de-merger happened, the company gotten freedom from BT and relabeled as O2. For 5 years, they kept this freedom status but the latest procurement by Telefónica has faked links between other European telecommunications companies, especially the Czech Republic and Germany.

Sky acquired O2 home broadband business and customer base in 2013 and it no longer sells stable line connections. It still offer 3G and 4G mobile broadband connectivity, though, and is still a huge competitor in the UK mobile phone market.

O2 Customer Service

Their customer service helpline is a UK-based call center that is available 24/7.

It also has the Help page on its official website that gives advices and recommendations on everything from packages, gaming to switching provide.


The mobile broadband bundles include dongles that offer a mobile broadband connectivity for a sole user or MiFis that create mobile broadband connection for various users to connect all together.

Both ultrafast 4G mobile broadband and the 3G mobile, broadband dongles and MiFis are available.

Subscribers who already have 2 dongle or MiFi or who wants a SIM to use in their iPad or Android tablet can register for a SIM only contract.


There is a free Wi-Fi while you areout with O2’s network of thousands of hotspots, the subscribers avail priority booking at venues and reductions on deals and ‘experiences’, along with the opportunity to get lunch for £1 on Mondays.

Pay Monthly Sims

You can save money with sim only deal.
You can choose your device. Which device are you going to use with your new sim? All the sims of it are ready to use in any handset.

Length of Contract

You can choose on how long you want you contract. 12 months or 24 months?

Choose Plan

You can choose the right tariffs for you needs.

Every year, your Pay Monthly sim only tariff will be attuned on your April bill by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation publicized in the past February. To have further information, go to the

To know more about Retail Price Index (RPI), visit They use the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation: Percentage change over 12 months.


Apple iPhone 6s

You can pay monthly from £9.99 upfront and £54.00 per month. It is free next day delivery when you buy before 10pm. It has exclusive tickets, offers and experiences with Priority.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Pay monthly from upfront cost of £9.99 and £47.50 a month. It also comes with free insurance on their 20GB and 30GB plans.


With Priority and Radio X, you can get ticket to see you favorite bands 2 days before the public release. From daily extras to extraordinary treats, it is all on Priority and it is only on this company.

The app

You can download it free. My O2 app allows you to check your data allowances and purchase Bolt Ons if you want to. It synchronizes with your phone book so you are able to call and text by name. It shows your 6 months detailed bill history. You can top up or pay your bill on the app. In addition, you can check when you are due to upgrade as well as the apps is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.