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Pro Tips for people who call the ESA helpline number

The Employment and Support Allowance can offer financial aid if you are unable to work and can tailor make personal help for you, so you’ll be able to work if you are able to.

There are no restrictions on employment status, so you can apply if you’re unemployed, self employed or employed by someone else.

Whilst your claim is being processed, you will need to have a Work Capability Assessment to see the type of help you will need and how much.

If your claim is successful, you’ll be in one of two groups. The first is a support group where you won’t go through interviews and the second is activity group (work related) – here you will be interviewed regularly.

Frequently asked questions when calling the ESA contact phone number

What will I get if my claim is successful?

This is dependent on your situation and your abilities and could also be effected by your income.

What you get will also be based on which group you fall under and where you are in the assessment procedure.

There is financial support available and this varies depending on your age too. Under 25 year olds and over 25 year olds get different rates and the rate is also lower during the thirteen week assessment period.

What are the different types of ESA?

There are two categories here:

  • Income related ESA – mostly on it’s own or on top of Contribution based ESA if you have a low income.
  • Contribution based ESA – usually applied if you have contributed to National Insurance for long enough.

The Income related ESA will be paid depending on your circumstances and you could drop to this level after Contribution based ESA once your National Insurance credit runs out.

Contribution based ESA lasts for a year, but you could re-apply after a 12 week period.

How will I be paid?

You can get paid the same way all benefits are paid – directly to your bank account. To find out how regularly you’ll be paid, give the ESA advisors a call.

How do I know of I’m eligible?

You could be eligible if your illness or disability affects your work and productivity.

Also if you’re:

  • Not on JSA (Jobseekers Allowance)
  • Not getting Statutory Maternity Pay
  • Not getting Statutory Sick Pay
  • Under pension age

If you fulfil these criteria and feel that you have a valid case to make a claim. Please call the ESA and make an application. You will then be notified by letter about when your assessment is booked for. From there you will be divided into one of the groups that is appropriate to your situation.

Can I claim whilst working?

Yes you can, but this could affect the amount of financial aid you get.

If you earn up to £20 a week or work less than sixteen hours a week and earn up to £104 per week, then your ESA won’t be affected. More than this will result in the funding being reduced.

You need to Notify the ESA as soon as your circumstances change in any way.