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Pro tips for people who call e.on customer services

With Eon, you will always be put on a standard tariff, this ensures that you don’t pay more than you need to. You will be charged for the average amount a home in your area uses. If you would like to change your tariff to make this more accurate, please call the Eon customer service line and the team will be happy to assist you in this matter.

Customers on a fixed tariff aren’t affected by price increases as energy prices change across the energy market. Choose one of the fixed price tariffs today to benefit from this distinct and unique advantage.

If you need a bill or simply want to have a paper copy of your charges and tariff for your personal records, you can go online to your account and select “Billing and payments”, then “View your bills”. From here you can view your bills, download and print them.

Frequently asked questions people who call the e.on contact telphone number

My bill seems to be more than it should, why is this?

Provided your meter readings are correct, the following reasons could be the cause of your higher bill:

  • There has been a recent price change
  • You have been using appliances you usually don’t use
  • You’re being charged for the wrong type of gas meter
  • It’s winter and you use more energy keeping the house warm
  • There are more people living in your house

If none of these apply to you, call the customer service team and they will be able to assist further.

I don’t understand my bill, please help?

Your bill has essentially fifteen parts and these are mostly self explanatory. To find more details and a description of these sections, please visit the website and navigate to the “Help and Support” section or alternatively, call the customer service team and an advisor will be able to explain this to you.

I have an estimated bill, what do I do next?

You will need to provide Eon with a meter reading.

If you have a meter with a digital display, you need to press the button on the front of the meter. Every time you press the button, you will be shown a number, write these down and give Eon a call to report your meter reading.

With dial meters, read the dials like you would read a sentence (left to right). Begin with the dial that says “10 000”

What do I do if I smell a gas leak?

First thing is to keep safe, then follow these basic rules:

  • Don’t light matches or lighters
  • Don’t touch any electrical appliances or light switches
  • Open the doors and windows
  • Put all exposed flames out
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • Give Eon a call and report the problem immediately.