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Pro Tips for callers of the eBay customer services number

When you have an unanswered question that isn’t relevant to the eBay UK customer service centre, try checking out the answers section (Answer Centre or Discussion Boards) online where eBay customers have been asking and answering questions that might be the same or similar to yours.

The Safety Centre is there to build trust and ensure that you can buy online with confidence – while keeping your details safe. Here you’ll find guidelines on the best practices and necessary information for buying on eBay, selling on eBay and avoiding scams while shopping.

Power sellers on eBay are people or companies that sell items through eBay that are in high demand and they sell a lot of them. Many millionaires have been made on eBay.

eBay has many ways to sort your search results when looking for a particular item. On the right hand side of your screen, you’ll be able to sort by colour, brand, model, type, size and more. You’ll even be able to sort by delivery option if you need an item delivered in a particular way.

The eBay Premium Service Badge means that this specific seller offers outstanding service.

Some sellers offer full tracking on their deliveries. Once payment is made and your parcel is on it’s way, you’ll be sent an email with tracking details so you can see when and where your delivery is.

Be part of the ever-growing eBay seller community. It’s a simple and fully on-screen instructed process. You can check out the “Seller Centre” to find some tips on delivery and returns options as well as some guidelines to selling online. Remember that a good, professional picture is key and a returns policy on items like clothing, is a big plus.

Frequently asked questions for callers of the ebay telephone number

I sold an item and the successful bidder won’t pay, what do I do?

The first step is to get in touch with the buyer and attempt to get payment from them. If this fails, use the eBay contact number above or visit the resolution centre online to escalate the query through the official channels.

eBay will then contact the buyer on your behalf and request payment.

If the process is still unsuccessful, you can then you could be credited for the item or sell it on a second chance offer or re-list the item.

I’ve made a mistake, how do I cancel a transaction?

Follow these steps to cancel the order:

  • Go to “My eBay”
  • Go to “Sold” and select the item
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Cancel this order”
  • Give a reason for this and follow the instructions.

The refund will happen automatically if this was processed using PayPal.
If a different payment method was used and the money has already been sent. You have ten days to make a full refund. When you contact eBay UK phone number they will be able to determine which method is better.