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Pro Tips for callers of our DWP / Department of Work and Pensions contact number

The Department of Work and Pensions handles all welfare for families around the United Kingdom. They also are responsible for the child maintenance policy and for pensions.

Over 20 million people use this department, making it the biggest public service in the UK.

The DWP is a ministerial department and encompasses the following 13 agencies and governmental departments:

  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Disabled People’s Employment Corporation
  • The Pensions Regulator
  • Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission
  • The Pension Advisory Service
  • National Employment Savings Trust Corporation
  • Industrial Injuries Advisories Council
  • Social Security Advisory Committee
  • Pension Protection Fund
  • Pensions Ombudsman
  • Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman
  • Office for Nuclear Regulation
  • Independent Case Examiner

Being a mostly transparent organisation, the DWP has it’s corporate information available online. You will be able to access information of the following nature:

  • The complaints procedure
  • DWP statistics
  • DWP research
  • Media enquiries
  • Transparency information
  • DWP energy usage

Frequently asked questions of callers of our DWP telephone number

What is the DWP responsible for?

They have the following responsibilities:

  • Attempting to get disabled people to be more independent and work
  • Reducing fraud and financial error
  • Using Health and Safety directives to reduce injuries and deaths in the workplace
  • Attempting to get more people employed and making it worth their time and effort
  • Providing a good pension and encouraging personal retirement funds
  • Attempting to reduce poverty by tackling the key root causes

What sort of services are you improving?

The DWP is actively getting people back to work. The employment rate is at record levels and more people are becoming independent.

More people than ever before since the end of WWII, are saving for their retirement – this shows a great responsibility of care.

The DWP is also reducing poverty and advocating civil and social justice throughout the UK.

What services do you actually provide?

The Department for Work and Pensions creates and promoted jobs through Jobcentre Plus, runs the Pension service, the Child Maintenance service and more.

Which benefits do you provide for disabled people?

There are two sides to disability benefits. Benefits for the disabled and benefits for the carers of the disabled. The following are run by the DWP:

  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance

I’m retiring soon, what sort of services can I expect to find from the Pension service?

The Pension service offers information on your retirement, benefits and the state pension for future and current pensioners. This service is offered whether you are living in the UK or abroad.

The service includes:

  • Winter Fuel Payment
  • Cold Weather Payment
  • Pension Credit
  • State Pension