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Pro Tips whilst in contact with

When looking for a hotel and trying to avoid paying any charges or a deposit up front, check the
details of the hotel – some hotels require payment on arrival and a free cancellation.
If you think you might need to change reservation details or cancel your booking, make a note of the
date that you are able to cancel before, to avoid any cancellation fees.
Have a look at the “Hotel Policies” section in the hotel’s details to check any information on extra
beds and cots for children. Many hotels offer a free service and children stay free at many hotels
too. If you are arranging extra beds, suggest calling the hotel before you arrive, to
ensure everything is in place.
Make a reservation with someone else’s card if you don’t have one. You can do this by having
permission, then confirming the card holder’s name and any further details required to make a
booking and subsequent payment. You need to fill this information out in the “Special Requests” box
at the time of making a reservation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to cancel my booking or change my reservation?
Yes, just use the “My” option on your account online or cancel from your confirmation
Check the policy of the hotel to see if there are any fees related to cancellations or changes made to
your bookings.
Do I need to have a credit or debit card to make a reservation?
Not always, there are a few hotels that don’t require a bank card to book, but this is rare – most
hotels will need these details
Will I be notified when my booking is confirmed?
Yes, you will be directed to the conformation page as soon as your booking is complete. You will also
receive a confirmation email and you are able to check the status of your booking by logging in to
your account anytime.
Will I get a quote for the hotel(s) I’m interested in?
Enter the dates you wish to book, select any available options directly from the search facility on and the results will show with the prices clearly listed. You can sort the search results
depending on which priority applies most to you.
Can I call the hotel before I arrive?
Yes. When you have completed your reservation you can see the contact details for the hotel in the
online booking confirmation on your account.
If you need to call the hotel before you book, check the information in the details of the hotel online.
If you don’t see the details listed there, give a call and they will be able to assist you
Are there any hidden charges or costs?
Everything listed under the room type, is included in the price. Just click on the room name to to see
the facilities available for that particular booking. Hovver the cursor over the writing in the column
called “Conditions”. Information regarding these charges are also available in your account on and also in your confirmation email. Contact Postal Address

Postbus 1639

1000 BP Amsterdam