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Give Anglian Water a call when you move into the area or move house – to have the water connected immediately and to have your account in order before any surprise bills come through the door.

You can report a leak directly to Anglian online or over the phone. They will identify and resolve water leaks throughout the region.

If you want to find out more about what updates, repairs or incidents are happening in your area, they have an interactive map online. Just type in your postcode to find the information you’re looking for.

Anglian Water Top FAQ’s

How do I notify Anglian Water regarding my meter reading?

When you move to a new house and when you leave your old house, take the meter reading and either give Anglian Water a call on their automated customer service line, fill in the online form (that will be processed within five days) or contact them via social media (Facebook and Twitter) during their opening hours.

Am I going to be paying anyone else’s water bills?

If you’ve notified Anglian Water the day you move in and given them the meter reading, then there’s no danger of you paying for anyone else’s bill. If you get bills addressed to the previous home owner or tenant before they’ve switched to your account, then just send them back to Anglian water.

How do I make a payment?

There are several ways to make a payment. You can give Anglian Water a call and pay over the phone, you can pay online, at a Post Office or Payzone or alternatively, you can set up credit or debit payments.

Who is Anglian Water?

Anglian Water is the water and water recycling services provider in the east of England. They serve domestic and commercial properties.

What do you need to know when I move house?

You can notify Anglian Water by phone when you move in or out of a property to tell them your meter reading, also, you should have your account number if you are already a customer, the full postal address for the old and new property and your bank details, should you want to set up a direct debit.

Where do I find my water meter?

There are to main types of meter. Internal and external. Internal meters can be found either behind the toilet, under the kitchen sink or in an airing cupboard. External meters can be found directly outside the boundary of the property, under what looks like a small and square manhole cover on the ground.

Who is responsible for burst pipes?

Anglian Water is responsible for water pipes leading up to your property, anything inside your property borders, are your responsibility. If you need any assistance regarding the location of burst pipes, who is responsible for which pipes and where your property borders are, then give Anglian Water a call now and one of the customer service advisors will be

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