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Amazon customer services isn’t always responsible for missing orders from Amazon. This is because third party sellers are a big part of the Amazon team and many merchants delivery goods themselves.

Order your items as early as possible during the day. The evenings are perhaps the busiest time and ordering in the morning can mean that your parcel could arrive the same day.

When deciding between two or more products, have a read through the reviews at the bottom of the page to get a better idea on the quality and value of the product.

If you have items with different delivery dates in your basket, but want your items to arrive at the same time – use the option “Group my items into as few deliveries as possible”. This will ensure that the quicker order will essentially wait until the rest of your order is ready before it is shipped.

Frequently asked questions:

I’m trying to track my order, but there’s no information available, help?

This could be due to a few reasons, these are the most likely:

* Standard international shipping isn’t trackable

* Third party merchants sometimes don’t provide tracking information

* It hasn’t yet been entered into the system or an updated location hasn’t uploaded yet

If you aren’t able to trace your parcel and the delivery date has expired, give it a day or two. Small delays can occur when there is a problem with delivery. You can call Amazon UK contact number if you have additional enquiries.

My parcel is missing, what do I do?

Have your delivery confirmation number and tracking number with you, and call the carrier. If the carrier is not able to help then contact Amazon UK customer service number at the number above.

If I want to sell an item, how do I go about listing it?

1. Search for the item you want to sell on the database.

2. Tell them what condition the item is in.

3. Set the price of your product and register for online payments.

4. Set delivery method and/or options.

5. Review the information and confirm the listing.

That’s all you have to do to start selling on Amazon. If you have multiple copies of the same product, you can set this option too.

Common Amazon Support Question Answers

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we have found answers to when searching the internet. We want to be a helpful resource to help you find a solution fast. We are in no way affiliated or represent Amazon or Amazon customer service UK. The information that appears on this website has been sourced publicly and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content as it may have changed or been updated.

I ordered a package and it’s not been delivered, where is it?

It’s hard to say where your package is precisely at any given moment, but it should be simple enough to track down what stage of the shipping process it’s in. Using the online order page you can track your package and see whether it’s been processed for delivery or is still being dispatched. That said, there may also be times when the system is not correct or when your package is taking a long time at any one stage of the delivery process. In that case, you may wish to get in touch with the Amazon customer service number to find out where your package is and when it will be delivered.

It may also be the case that your package has been sent to delivery but at a time when you weren’t in, and so has been rerouted or is out for re-delivery. Finally, you may wish to check the delivery address and payment confirmation to ensure that your package has been paid for properly and is being shipped to the right address.

Can I sell on Amazon?

Usually yes, if you have a product that you want to sell you may wish to become an Amazon marketplace seller. Many sellers enjoy the flexibility because it makes their products available to many millions of potential customers extremely quickly, and they then don’t have to make a separate standalone website to sell their products (although many still do this too).

There are some products that aren’t allowed on Amazon however, especially products that may break laws or regulations of any countries that they are listed in. Amazon give examples of crime scene photos or prohibited medicines and drugs as examples of these, so always check that you’re allowed to sell your product legally before registering a seller account.

If you have additional questions about selling your products than call the Amazon contact number UK listed above.

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

This may depend on how much you plan to sell. There are different plans available for high and low volumes of orders for seller accounts.

Sellers who sell less than 40 items per month can register with no subscription fee and simply pay a flat rate of $0.99 for every item that they sell plus any other selling fees. If you plan to sell a high volume then you can expect to pay a minimum of $39.99 a month for a professional sellers account, plus any other related costs.

If you have a large number of products or believe you may need additional assistance then call the contact number for Amazon helpline listed above this section.

I have ordered something on Amazon but I wish to cancel it, how do I do that?

You may at times place an order by accident, place multiple orders, or simply want to cancel your order if you realise that you neither need or desire the product at a later date.

One-click ordering can often be the cause of accidental orders. In this case, you may wish to cancel your order. It is relatively simple to do this. By logging onto your account page, you can then access the ‘my orders’ tab, and check the ‘cancel items’ box. Following this, you may select ‘cancel checked items’ and you will then receive confirmation that your item has been cancelled. Please note that if you order directly from and not a third party seller, it may not be possible to cancel the order but instead you can refuse to accept delivery in person and return the product for a refund.

As usual you can always call the Amazon phone number if you have additional queries.

I want to change my Amazon delivery address, how can I do so?

This again is quite a simple process. From time to time you may wish to update your delivery address on Amazon, for example if you moved home or you want to have things delivered to an office or alternate address. From the Amazon home page, select account settings, then select ‘one-click settings’, here you can manage your address book, and update your primary address. You may also want to keep multiple other addresses in case you ever change where you want something to be delivered again.

You can keep a primary address for your default orders, and then select a secondary or other address should you ever need to have items shipped to that location.

I want to change my payment method for Amazon, how can I do that?

To change your payment method for Amazon you must access the account settings page. Following this, access the ‘payment’ section of your account and then either add or remove a debit or credit card. Ensure that if your credit or debit card is out of date and that’s why you wish to change it, that you remove it completely and don’t leave it as a secondary option, as you may have more than one payment card linked to your Amazon account.

You may also wish to check any existing orders on your account as updating your payment method will not automatically update the payment method for existing orders or orders that you placed before updating your payment information.

I am having problems signing into my Amazon account, how do I fix it?

On occasion it may be the case that you aren’t able to sign into your account. There are some simple solutions which could help you solve this issue.

The first step is to clear both the cache and the cookies in your internet browser. This stored information may affect your ability to sign in. Secondly, you should check your keyboard, as it’s possible that you have either Caps Lock or Num Lock in the ‘on’ position, which will lead to an incorrect entry of your password as Amazon passwords are case sensitive.

You should also endeavour to check your login information and ensure that the mobile phone number or email address you’re using to log in is typed correctly. Finally, it may be that you are being asked to enter a ‘captcha’, a piece of text or series of letters or numbers which is designed to protect against forced entry from automated computer programs.

If the captcha is causing you problems, there is a refresh button which should bring up a different captcha that is easier to read, or you can often click an audio symbol so that it is played out loud. If you are still unable to log into your account, consider calling Amazon contact UK either online or via the Amazon UK customer service phone number to resolve this issue.

What is Amazon?

Amazon UK is a small part of, one of the largest online retailers worldwide. Amazon has a number of real stores around the world, although it mainly sells products through the internet.

Amazon has become well known over recent years, and to date the company offers over nine million books, over one and a half million music products, and all kinds of other consumer products. Amazon is also a way for other, private sellers to list products for sale. In fact, many individuals run businesses operating through Amazon.

Can I make it easier for customers to find the things I’m selling?

Yes, if you sell on Amazon UK you may be able to take some steps to ensure that your product is easily discovered by consumers online. This includes making sure all the information is complete, like the titles, keywords, and other associated information. The more accurate and full information you provide, the easier and more discoverable your products will be.

Does have an associate program?

Yes, Amazon UK has an associates program. This means that you list products from Amazon and links to Amazon on your website. Whenever a customer clicks through and purchases something then you will receive a small referral fee. You will also receive regular updates from Amazon UK, including a report every week with additional details.

You will also not have to do anything along the lines of customer service or communication, as this is handled entirely by

Why are some products discounted but others aren’t?

This depends on many factors, and Amazon state that their discounting policy is based on a strategy which changes from day-to-day. Amazon state that they cannot confirm if any specific title or product will be discounted, or provide dates that it could be discounted.

Can I sell products on Amazon?

Yes, it is possible for people to sell their products and items on This can be an innovative and exciting way of running a small business.

Which products am I able to sell on Amazon UK?

There are many different products that you might be able to sell on Amazon UK, which includes the following:

  • Automotive products: These are products related to vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and more.
  • Baby: These are products relevant to babies and young children
  • Books: These are all kinds of printed and digital books, including personal self-written books
  • Industry and Science: These are scientific and industrial equipment and accessories
  • Electronics: Such as regular electric appliances, small and large
  • Home: Products for the household, decoration, and fittings and fixtures
  • Kitchen: Equipment for cooking, food preparation, storage, and more.
  • Lawn and garden: Products and tools for garden maintenance and development.
  • Luggage: travel bags, suitcases, and other related accessories
  • Amazon device products: Including products for Kindle
  • Musical instruments: all kinds of instruments, small and large
  • Video, DVD, Games

There are other products that you will have to gain permission from Amazon UK to sell, and these require more detailed registration procedures than those listed above. This includes things like clothes, accessories for electronic devices, food, alcoholic drinks, jewellery, watches, and accessories, and healthcare equipment. If you’re not sure whether you need to get additional information before registering then you may wish to talk to Amazon’s customer service.

What can’t I sell on Amazon UK?

There are several categories of products which are prohibited from being sold on Amazon UK, this includes things like medication which you need a doctor’s prescription for, all forms of illegal drugs, weapons and ammunition for guns and other weapons, and also tobacco products and smoking products.

How can I become an Amazon seller on

If you would like to become a seller on Amazon UK, it is possible to do so but you will need to provide some registration details and some personal info. This includes your primary payment card, like a debit or credit card, your contact number, and some information related to your bank account (this bank account does not necessarily have to be UK based).

You might also have to provide your Value Added Tax registration number, if you have a company that is registered for VAT. Finally, you’ll need to give your email contact information.

How much does it cost to sell my products on Amazon UK?

This varies, but the base rate at the moment to list items for sale is close to twenty nine pounds per month (28.75). That said, if you are able to list without VAT, then it might be as low as twenty-five pounds. In addition to this, you will also pay a small additional charge which is based on the value of your product’s sales. This fee also changes depending on what category you list your item for sale in.

Can I cancel my Amazon UK Subscription?

Yes, if you have a subscription it’s possible to cancel it whenever you would like to, and you are not required to commit to a contract or any longer length agreement.

I am selling on Amazon and want to manage my order, how do I do that?

There are two different ways to manage orders, these include using the website and the portal designed to assist you with this, or you can also download a tabbed file which enables you to view order information, so this preference is up to you.

What is Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee about?

This is a programme offered by Amazon which is designed to look after those situations in which someone who ordered a product which is different to their expectations, or when the order doesn’t arrive. If this is taken to be true by Amazon then they will find a way to settle the dispute, which could mean giving a refund on the seller’s account to the customer.

Can I leave feedback for an item I’ve bought on Amazon?

Yes, if you’ve purchased an item and you would like to give a piece of feedback or even leave a review, then you have this option. This is a good thing to do as it enables sellers to build their reputation for being effective and honest, which therefore helps them succeed in running an Amazon business.

You may also be able to assist other potential customers by offering them useful advice which helps them determine whether or not they should purchase the product that you’ve purchased. This contributes to an overall helpful and healthy Amazon community.

What is One Day Delivery?

If you order an item on Amazon and select the One Day Delivery option, then provided that the product is in stock and doesn’t have to be back-ordered, then the item will be posted the exact same day that you ordered it, and then the time of delivery should be the day afterwards. This is a convenient way of receiving goods you’ve ordered in one of the shortest possible time spans.

When do I get One Day Delivery?

There are several circumstances when you may be eligible for One Day Delivery. If your seller offers this, then you may be able to select it at the checkout for an additional fee, and receive your order the next day. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, Amazon’s premium subscription service, then a different set of rules apply.

As long as the item you’ve ordered has One Day Delivery as an option, then you will receive this option as standard with no additional charge. In other words, you’ll receive free One Day Delivery. You should be informed of this and whether this is a possibility when you complete the checkout process.

How much does One Day Delivery cost?

One Day Delivery may be considered a premium service, and as such, there is a fee incurred when selecting this option after you purchase an item. The actual charge varies depending on what category of item it is. For example, if you are ordering a Media category item, for instance this may be a CD or DVD, then the fee could be five pounds ninety-nine.

On the other hand, if you order from the clothing section, shoes section, or accessories like bags, then the charge could be slightly lower at three pounds ninety-five. In other areas, the standard rate could be close to eight pounds. If you order multiple items then the rate will be determined at the checkout.

It’s worth noting that if you purchase a mobile telephone though, then you will receive One Day Delivery without incurring an additional charge, it will be offered for free.

What benefits are there to Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime, their subscription service, has many benefits. Among these are the following:

Amazon Prime Delivery Benefits

Firstly, you get One Day Delivery without having to pay any additional fees, in that sense, One Day Delivery can be considered ‘free’ to an extent. There is also no limit on this offer, so if you order many items you will still be able to receive One Day Delivery every time, without having to wait a long time for your order to come to your home.

That said, you have to ensure that your order is eligible for One Day Delivery and that it is in stock before Amazon can offer you One Day Delivery.

There are also other possibilities for upgrades on your delivery package.

Amazon Prime Video and Photo Benefits

With Amazon prime, you also receive several benefits on Videos and Photos, including the following:

Amazon Prime offers Prime Video, which gives those who sign up access to an online streaming service with many new and exciting movies and television series. There’s also an addition option to add TV channels to your package with the addition of a small additional fee every month. These can be cancelled whenever you want but represent an easy and effective way to watch your favourite television channels at a small additional charge.

Prime Photos is also a state-of-the-art photo storage facility online which Prime members get access to. This means that you can store all of your photographs online with backups and no need to worry about file crashes or deleting them by accident. If you have a lot of photographs you’d like to keep safe, Amazon Prime is an excellent way of doing so.

Amazon Prime Music Benefits

Amazon also offer a music streaming service called Amazon Prime Music. If you hold a subscription that isn’t a ‘household’ subscription then you will be eligible to use this service. This means that you can listen to a large range of music, as well as store it for later, manage it, or stream it from online.

Prime music has thousands of radio stations, playlists, songs, albums, and more.

Amazon Prime Pantry Access

Amazon Prime also offers Amazon Pantry, and this is a service which enables people to purchase items like food items, home items, things for your pets and other things that are necessary around the house. Amazon Pantry can also offer ‘pantry boxes’ with a small additional charge for delivery of two pounds ninety nine.

Amazon Prime Early Access Benefits

This is an offer for Prime customers where they get access to special deals and price reductions up to half an hour before it is released to the general public, enabling them to take early advantage of special offers that could be limited in number and duration.

Amazon Prime Books Benefits

If you have an Amazon Kindle, then you will be able to ‘borrow’, and download an eBook one time per month without incurring any additional fee. You can also use a service called Kindle First when a new book comes out, and once a month you will be able to receive special, privileged early access to this new book.

Prime books also has a section called ‘reading’, from which you can access a number of publications like magazines, books, and other periodicals.

This is an excellent value proposition if you’re a Kindle or Amazon Fire tablet owner and you enjoy reading at length. You will have the option to choose books that suit your personal tastes and once per month receive a new book at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Family benefits

As well as all those services listed above, they also has a section called Amazon Family, designed for people who have young children. If you’ve got a young child who is in nappies or diapers, you may be eligible to receive a discount of up to twenty percent on a subscription program.
For more information regarding this you can also call Amazon Prime contact number for support.

Can I resell my benefits from Amazon Prime?

No, it is not possible for you to purchase items or services using your Amazon Prime subscription in order to resell them. This may violate Amazon UK’s terms of services and render you unable to use the service.

What happens if my item isn’t in stock?

If your item isn’t in stock then you will not be eligible to receive One Day Delivery. You will have to wait for the backordered stock to be delivered and then you may receive two-day delivery without any additional cost to be incurred. When the cut-off time begins and ends will be made clear after the checkout page.

I am in an Annual Prime program, can I switch to a monthly program?

Yes, you should be able to do this at any time by using your ‘Manage Prime Membership’ tab in your account.

How does Amazon Music Unlimited work?

Amazon Music Unlimited is a subscription package that works by allowing you to stream, play, and listen to music everywhere and all the time. You can use Music Unlimited on your own personal computer, on your smartphone, on your tablet, or on Amazon TV and Amazon Echo. There are no adverts used in Amazon Music Unlimited, meaning that you get hassle-free streaming and easy listening every step of the way.

Music on Amazon Music has a number of playlist options and also learns your preferences, giving you information and advice on what new music and which songs, albums, or playlists are likely to be to your taste. Amazon Music has over forty million different songs as of this year, and is growing constantly.

How much is Amazon Music Unlimited?

If you want to use Amazon Music Unlimited, and you’re an Prime member, then you can get a highly discounted rate, and you may only be required to pay seven pounds ninety nine per month, or seventy nine pounds per year for a subscription that updates annually. In addition, if you are a non-Prime customer and would still like to sign up for this service, then it is possible to do so at a rate of nine pounds ninety nine per month.

How does Amazon Prime Music differ from Amazon Music Unlimited?

These are two different services. If you have Amazon Prime then you will automatically, as part of the charge that you pay for with Prime, be able to use this service. Amazon Prime Music has in excess of two million different songs, and many radio stations, recordings, and playlists.

This means that you have an excellent range of options of things to listen to, to fit every situation. There are also no adverts on Amazon Prime Music.

However, on the other hand, Amazon Music Unlimited has the same essential layout and usability of Prime Music, but it also has a much larger range of media on offer, including over forty million different sounds and many thousands of different options and categories, playlists, and other musical services.

Amazon Music Unlimited may be especially suitable for those who are really into their music and enjoy having the freedom to choose from a large variety of genres, decades, songs, albums, and more.

I want to make my children part of a family plan, how old do they have to be?

If you wish to add your children or add another family member to your family plan then they must be at a minimum of thirteen years of age. They cannot be younger than this.

Can more than one person pay for the Family Plan?

Under Amazon’s policy, there is one person who pays for the Family plan, and they must pay the fee of fourteen pounds and ninety-nine pence per month or up to one hundred and forty nine pounds per year, representing two months without additional charge.

How does a shared payment method work?

A shared payment method is the way in which more than one family member on a family plan at Amazon is able to use a payment card to pay for an item, items, or services. There will be additional steps for verification at each time a purchase is made.

Does every member on a family plan receive their own recommended music or services?

Each person on a family plan will have a different personalized profile, and for that reason the recommendations will reflect your personal tastes for each individual. Up to six members can therefore have a family plan profile with tailored recommendations.

How does an Amazon Echo plan work?

An Amazon Echo plan is a special way to access an Amazon Music subscription service for those who own the Echo device. This is available for three pounds, ninety nine pence per month, and it means that if you have an Echo or the other model, Echo Dot, then you can take advantage of Amazon Music Unlimited’s forty million available songs.

Is it compulsory to get the Amazon Echo plan?

Not necessarily. All of the different music streaming and music subscription services offered on Amazon are designed to work on the Echo, including Amazon Prime Music. However, the Echo plan may be the most efficient for you as it is not only cost effective, but also is tailored to your device.

That said, you will not be able to use your subscription on any additional devices outside of the Echo, so if this is something important to you then you may wish to consider the other available subscription plans.

Does Amazon have a special service for students?

Yes, Amazon UK offer a service known as Amazon Music Unlimited which is specifically tailored for students in some ways. This means that if you are a student in an eligible university, you can receive a discounted rate on your music subscription. To do this, you will have to use a tool designed to validate your student membership.

There are further details of this on the website, or you may also wish to contact the Amazon number directly to find out more details.

Am I eligible for Amazon Music Unlimited for Students?

It depends. If you are studying at an eligible institution inside the United Kingdom, then you may be eligible for this discount. However, you will need to offer at least one of the following eligibility and verification documents listed below:

The first is an official letter of enrollment, which is sent by the place that you are studying. You cannot use an acceptance letter, it has to be a letter of enrollment.

Otherwise, you may be able to register using your timetable or lesson plan for the academic semester you are currently studying in

You could also use a bill or receipt of your tuition fees

You may be able to use a transcript which shows the classes you are currently studying

And there is also the possibility of using other documents which are officially produced by your university.

How long does the Amazon Music Unlimited Student Discount last?

This programme of benefits may last up to four years, but will not be able to be used after that period.

I am a Prime Student subscriber, do I need to do the verification process again?

Yes, you will need to do it again as these are two different products and have slightly different verification processes.

What Amazon Music plan should I pick?

Which plan you pick is dependent on the devices that you wish to use for listening to music. For example, if you want to be able to stream music on a Mac, PC, a smartphone, a tablet, a television, or a streaming device like Amazon Echo, then you will probably want to choose the individual plan which caters to all of these.

If you want to do like the above but you also happen to live in a family with up to six members, then you can pay a slightly higher price and have the benefit of letting all of the members join onto the package. This costs fourteen pounds ninety nine per month for up to six members, and all family members will receive a tailored and personalised playlist.

On the other hand, if you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and you don’t want to access music from anything else then you can choose the reduced price specialist Amazon Echo and Echo Dot plan, which is only three pounds ninety-nine per month.

Will Prime Music be discontinued soon?

Amazon state that Amazon Prime Music has no plans to be shuttered and that the catalogue of music is being increased day by day, with a growing repertoire of up to two million different tunes.

What is ‘Nominated Day Delivery’?

Nominated Day Delivery is a process when you have an oversize or very large item delivered. This means that you can choose a day that fits your calendar and your schedule from up to two weeks before the delivery date. This makes it easier to receive and co-ordinate the delivery of your large item. These can be delivered between seven am and seven pm.

How does Standard Delivery work for large items?

If you have a large item, you may wish to choose Standard Delivery, and not necessarily Nominated Day Delivery. If this is the case, with Standard Delivery, normally items are delivered within a timeframe of three to five days. However, if you live within a certain region, then your order may take slightly longer, at between five and ten business days from Monday to Friday.

What is Amazon’s delivery process?

When you select your delivery option, you should also opt to provide a mobile phone number so that Amazon’s delivery representative or other delivery worker is able to contact you or send you a text message to confirm delivery time, date, and address. This also means that before hand you should get a text message which confirms delivery details and gives you notice.

When your item is delivered, the person responsible will ask you to sign a delivery confirmation after they have handed it over to you. You may wish to check the product size, condition, and dimensions before acknowledging receipt. The delivery professional may be able to help you put the item in any number of rooms or locations in your house or apartment, as long as it is only up to the second floor and not higher than that.

If you miss your delivery time, then you may need to call Amazon telephone number for customer service which is given on the top of this page.

How much does it cost to return a large item?

It depends on why you wish to return the item. If this is because your statutory rights are in place, or you wish to use Amazon’s policy of thirty-day returns, then it could be the case that you are responsible to orchestrate and pay for the return delivery, which could be up to fifty pounds,.

How do I connect to WiFi on my Amazon Kindle?

Your Amazon Kindle, if it is the newest generation, should be able to find a WiFi network automatically and connect to it without issue. You will need to provide a password if it is a password protected WiFi network. In addition, you may need to enable WiFi on your device and make sure that there is a network around to connect to before troubleshooting for no connection.

How can I use a gift card for Kindle?

If you have received a Gift Card for Amazon and wish to use it to buy a title from the Kindle Store, then you may wish to go into your account page and select the option for ‘redeem gift card’. Then you will be given a step-by-step series of instructions to follow to enable you to take advantage of your gift card in the Kindle Store.

You may need to confirm your billing information before you can make purchases, however.

I want to register my Kindle, how do I do that?

You can do this by accessing your Kindle page on the Amazon website and then selecting the settings menu. If you want to do it from your Kindle then that is also an option, by selecting the settings menu and then register or deregister. Simply follow the instructions presented on screen from there and you will be able to register or deregister your Kindle with ease.

How do I buy things from the Kindle Store?

You may be able to do this either online using a PC or Mac or other device, or on your Kindle directly. If you are UK customer you may wish to access the Kindle UK store as Kindle stores in other countries may have titles that are unavailable to you.

Purchases are instantaneous and provided that you have a stable WiFi connection then you should be able to receive your new title in the form of a download to your Kindle within a minute.

Are Kindle books free?

Many Kindle books are free, especially those that are outside of copyright, often classic books over seventy years old, and some religious texts. In addition, some publishers and authors list their books for free. That said, many books incur a charge. You may wish to double check the cost, if any, of a book before you begin downloading it.

My Kindle isn’t working, what should I do?

If you have a problem with your Kindle, or it’s not operating as expected due to either hardware or software malfunctions, then you may want to contact Amazon customer service over the telephone at your earliest convenience to receive detailed support on this topic and let their service team assist you in getting your Kindle back in working order.

What is Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service about?

This is a system that Amazon operates to enable people who have bought or are buying products on Amazon to speak directly with the person who is selling them. This allows you to protect your privacy but also carry out necessary communications regarding orders.

Why does AmaZon keep buyer-seller contact information?

This is important for solving any disputes that may occasionally arise, and this is the reason that Amazon gives for keeping hold of this information. It may be that this information is useful in the event of a disagreement and can be used to help resolve the issue amicably.

What is Amazon’s Return Policy?

Amazon state that most of the time it’s possible to return products that have been purchased within thirty days of the purchase date (receipt of shipment date). That said, there isn’t one rule and different sellers on Amazon and different products have different rules for returns.

What is the rule if you buy from a third party seller?

If you buy from a third party seller who sells their own products on Amazon but just uses Amazon as a platform, there will potentially be a different return policy. Often, this is similar to Amazon’s return policy but it can change from time to time. You may wish to check out this information before you complete any purchase.

What is the return policy on Amazon devices?Amazon Devices

All Amazon devices, including Kindle Fire, Kindle, Amazon Fire, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Echo, as well as other supplementary products that go with these devices, are eligible for return within one calendar month (thirty days) of the original date of order. That said, the products must be in new condition and not damaged or used.

If I buy from AmazonFresh, can I return an item?

No, Amazon does not accept the return of items ordered through the AmazonFresh programme. That said, it may be possible to claim a refund if you can claim that the items were damaged or has been spilled. If this is the case, you will need to contact Amazon to make a claim for a refund.

I purchased an item for my car, can I return it?

It may be possible for you to return a vehicular item if you bought it from, and it was sold and shipped by the company. If the product isn’t up to standard and has a warranty from the manufacturer, then Amazon may give you a new item or give you your money back.

Can I return baby items?

It depends what the item is and if it’s used or not. For most baby items, with the exception of clothing for babies from zero up to two years old, they can be returned within approximately three months (ninety days) from the date that the product was shipped. If however, it’s an item like a breast pump, then it cannot have been used and must still be in the new packaging.

I bought a laptop or computer from, can I get a refund?

If you have a new computer that is either a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop, and you bought it from, you may be able to get a refund on the product within thirty days of buying it. However, you must be returning it because it is not function, or if it has not yet been opened and is in original packaging.

If this is not the case then there may be a fine of up to fifteen percent of the value of the product. In order to find out more, you may need to contact’s customer service department with details of your recent computer purchase and see what the next steps are.

Can I return a software product that I’ve downloaded?

Normally it is not possible to return products like games, downloads from software, apps, or other similar products like music after you’ve bought them. That said, if you buy a book you might be able to return it within a week. If this is on your Kindle, after you return it, you won’t be able to access the book again.

Can I return art that I’ve bought on

As long as it has the relevant documents that show it is authentic and legitimate then you may be able to return artwork purchased on Amazon UK. If you do not have the proper paperwork then you will not be able to return your art.

Can I return a Gift Card?

Gift cards cannot normally be returned and have some associated limitations. To find out more, you may wish to visit the Amazon website or talk to a representative.

I sold something on Amazon UK, when will I get paid?

Normally you may receive your first payment two weeks after you register your account as an Amazon seller, so you should receive payment via bank account or credit charge on your card after that. This happens again fourteen days later, meaning that payment is essentially processed every two weeks. That being the case, it can be between three to five days for these payments to clear, thus meaning that the money may not immediately be available in your account until five days after the processing date.

What is a negative balance on my seller account?

If you owe an umber of fees or refunds that is greater than the amount of sales you’ve made during a set period of time, then this means that your account is in a negative balance. To find out more about this, you will need to access your Payments Report section on your Amazon seller account, which offers a breakdown of all of the different fees, charges, and credits that are currently levied on your account.

If you’re in a negative balance, it may be the case that Amazon tries to add a charge to your credit or payment card after the fourteen day period of processing and settlement. That said, if there is a set limit placed on your credit card by the authority who issues it, then you may be charged again and so on until the credit owed to Amazon is reached.

You may also be able to pay off the balance using the ‘make payment’ function of Amazon on your account page. To find out more you may wish to contact Amazon UK directly.

I want to sell on Amazon in the UK but I don’t have a bank account in the Eurozone, what should I do?

In this case, to register for selling items on Amazon, you will need to have a basic checking account registered in the United States or in one of the other countries that Amazon supports. Generally, these need to be in the Eurozone for Amazon UK.

How come it takes five days for funds to become available in my account?

Firstly, Amazon process and ‘settle’ your account and the money owed to you. After that, they check the previous transactions and quality of your performance history. Then when this step is completed, the funds are transferred to your bank account, but it can take more time for the funds to be processed by the bank and thus go to your bank account.

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