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Quickly find company customer service and helpline numbers. Businesses often put their contact number in difficult to locate places on their website. We save you the time of searching through long FAQ lists by providing you with the phone number, customer service hours, phone menu options and some tips for contacting each company.

About Consumer Connect

Occasionally contact with company staff can even then only be made after initial email queries or by submitting vague and often unreliable “contact us” forms. Unfortunately, this adds insult to injury as consumers with genuine issues struggle to find someone to provide them with the help they need. With the demanding and busy lives we live today, many consumers are put-off by this inevitable waste of their time and will delay seeking the help they need and deserve.

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Why do companies design their websites, apps and print material in a way that deters customers from contacting them via telephone? Companies do this to lighten their call-load and encourage (or frustrate) consumers into finding answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems, online or via email. This is all in an attempt to reduce company costs over the long term by cutting down on the number of staff managing queries directly with consumers over the telephone.

We hope to make it easier and less frustrating for customers who have a preference or a genuine need to speak to a real staff member. We hope to help those individuals who would prefer their problems solved immediately, rather than trawl through a list of FAQs or be kept waiting in suspense for email responses to their important and immediate questions. This website will help consumers find the help they need, when they need it, and at a time that suits them.

Connecting Consumers to Customer Service Contact Numbers

We have completed all the required research and have determined the best contact phone numbers for the most popular companies in the UK. We have presented these contact numbers in one convenient location for the benefit of UK consumers, here on this very website.

This website lists customer service contact numbers across many different industries including telecoms companies, government agencies, broadband and digital TV providers, Banks and building societies, ticket and entertainment agencies, travel agencies & airlines, online shopping retailers, insurance companies, and courier services.

We use the affordable 0843 number range which costs only 7p per minute plus your networks access charge. We are in no way associated or affiliated to any of the companies listed on our website.

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